Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

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Re: Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

BG28 wrote:

tesla23 wrote:

Side note: my M6 has nearly doubled in price in the last 3 years so I wonder how much demand is there

Probably a lot of demand for an M6. It's one of the purely mechanical bodies, right? Those are the cameras that tend to last, and are able to be serviced still today. Leica, especially, has great service support ($$$!).

Also, with a Leica, you've got to take into account that it's a luxury item. They have their own rules. Luxury items don't need scarcity to jack up the price; a high price is part of what makes it a luxury item in the first place because you're paying for exclusivity. And like someone else mentioned, there's the collectible factor.

Leica is probably now a “Veblen good” - (From Wikipedia) “A luxury good for which the demand for a good increases as the price increases, in apparent contradiction of the law of demand, resulting in an upward-sloping demand curve.“

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