Canon R5 Focusing Problem

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Re: Canon R5 Focusing Problem

penums wrote:

I have the intial point set.

I downgrade firmware from 1.1.1 to 1.1.0 it is a little better.

It is only on facedetection and servo-af. If the cam catch an eye it is perfekt, if the cam find only the face it is not very sharp.

An other picture, i hope you understand what i mean. I controlled many pictures an it is the same. All other situation are perfect.

Facedetection an eye-af, if find, top

Servo-AF + Singlepoint , top.

One-Shot, top.

Facedetection and no eye find, not really good

You appear to be about 10m from the woman. For a 30x enlargement (1080mm x 720mm) your depth of field at 70mm and f/4.5 will be more than 1500mm at that distance. I think you have bigger worries than the difference between eye or face or eye detection for this case.

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