Need advice for a new camera

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Re: Need advice for a new camera

A couple questions:

  • How much extra weight would be too much? Paragliding sounds like an environment where every gram would matter?
  • Budget?
  • Is low light a concern?

Assuming that ~200 grams extra/3-5 extra ounces isn’t an issue and your budget can stretch to cover any of the options, all of the top rated cameras in DPReview’s compact camera guide are legitimate considerations for you. Every single one is a significant step up in IQ from your LX3. But they all have trade offs.

  • Based on the site’s review, even though it’s video-oriented, the Sony ZV-1 is good for stills. It’s relatively affordable and has a fast lens and as good AF as you could hope for in a compact, though a limited zoom range. It also doesn’t have an EVF, like all the others on this list.
  • The RX100 VII has great AF and a viewfinder, and you can’t beat the zoom range (24-200 equivalent), but it’s pricey and the lens is somewhat dim, relative to other options here. Both Sony’s of course have Sony menus, which I find difficult to use.
  • The Canon G1X III is a really good option too. It’s expensive, its lens is slow, and the zoom range is limited, but if low light isn’t a big concern to you, the IQ will be top notch since the sensor is so big (and the lens isn’t bad, just slow). It has really good AF from what I can tell (maybe just a bit worse than the Sony’s), and it’s the only weather sealed one of the bunch.
  • The G5X II is smaller and more affordable than the G1X III, and has a great 24-120 equivalent zoom range, but its AF won’t be as fast as the ones above. I don’t think it’s objectionable, but it’s not going to be as fast as other options.
  • Finally, the ultimate successor to your camera, the LX100 II, has proven to be a really good travel camera for me. The IQ is really good and it has all the creative controls you could ask for (including aspect ratio). But the AF is either worst of the bunch or tied for worst with the G5X II, the zoom range is limited, and the lack of an articulating screen (all the others have either a tilt or fully articulating one) is limiting.
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