D800/D810 or D850 - help me make a call?

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Re: D800/D810 or D850 - help me make a call?

TOF guy wrote:

Kelvin L wrote:

Features on the D810 that make a practical everyday difference for me, and are missing on the D800:

  1. properly functioning live view magnification (D800 does fuzzy extrapolation)
  2. highlight priority metering
  3. quieter shutter
  4. More reliable autofocus

I would highly recommend the D810 over a D800.

I've also found the D810 more comfortable to hold and shoot for long period of times.

Yes to all of the above, and if the D800 being considered is the main model, not the E, then another difference is that the 810 does not have an AA filter.

I might be mistaken here, but the Group Mode AF (closest object priority) that the 810 has might not be present in the 800? It’s been a long time since I had the 800.

One difference that was significant to me is that the D810 has a very significantly reduced tendency to have a magenta haze at the bottom edge of the frame that appears in shadow areas when ISOs above 1000 are used.

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