RF 15-35 or 24-70 as next (have EF24-105 f4)

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RF 15-35 or 24-70 as next (have EF24-105 f4)

So.. here's my first world problem dilemma. I currently use the 24-105 EF with control ring adapter on my R6. I never really liked the performance of this lend on my 6D... seemed to always be kind of soft, and the f4 speed for indoors was always too slow. It seems to do better on the R6 in terms of better focus/sharper - so it is more usable. However, still kind of slow. I do have a great EF 85mm 1.8 and 50mm 1.8 for indoors if I need super fast. I also do own the RF 70-200. 24-105 is a good all around 1 lens kit, just slow.

So... Have budget to get 1 more lens, and struggling with my options. The 15-35? 24-70? (or even the beast 28-70). I guess also in the mix should be the 100-500

So, obviously 24-70 has strong overlap with my 24-105, which I would probably sell. It would be a slightly less useful all arounder in terms of reach, but my problem usually is speed, not reach, and I now have the 70-200

- 15-35 - What sort of use do people get out of this lens? I've never had a really wide angle lens, so not sure what I'm really missing... (except a manual focus Rokinon 14mm 1.8 I use to try astro shots if I cna ever get in a dark area)

- 100-500 might make more sense, be more useful for wildlife photography and zoom(if I need more reach than 70-200, I have a decent EF 70-300 now, but that's it). It's a shame teleconverter can't be used on 70-200, as that would add some reach.

- 28-70 would definitely be sweet, but it's size would mean I'd most likely keep 24-105 as my lighter all arounder. Therefore, it's extra cost, and lack of money from sale makes this one an pretty expensive option.

I'm leaning towards the faster 24-70 2.8, but I guess I don't know what I'm missing in not having a 15-35.  Or, go with 100-500, which would be a great telephoto and keep my slow f4 all arounder, and use primes when necessary for speed?

Thoughts/advice to help me in this struggle?

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