DSLR -> Mirrorless Guides?

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Re: DSLR -> Mirrorless Guides?

anim8tr wrote:

I (the OP) am not looking for the most painless transition. I'm looking for the best platform for the future. When I bought my first Nikon DSLR I did so because I was told that Nikon had the best lenses at that time. At this point I've probably got about $8k invested in Nikon glass at this point.
I don't want to switch platforms, BUT if Sony is a better "platform" (lens quality wise) then I would seriously consider it, regardless of the expense of new Sony lenses.

I would not say that Sony is better in terms of lens quality.  In the case of both Canon and Nikon, their mirrorless releases are excellent lenses.  There may be gaps based on the maturity of the system, but there are no gaps in quality.

If you are comparing with your D850, the Nikon Z7 with the 70-200, 24-70, and 4-30 or 14-24 would each represent an upgrade and either best in class or equal to best in class performance.

I've got the D850 and Z6.  During the first year, 95% of my images were with the Z6 over the D850.  That includes thousands of images of birds in flight, events, landscapes, and equestrian work.

Probably the thing you'll wrestle with is the transition - do you want to sell your existing gear or continue to use some of it?  I like having two or more cameras - it's a necessity.  So I'm  selective on which lenses I buy based on the quality of the lens they are replacing and how often I'll use them.

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