Canon 90D: Question about OVF auto-focus

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Re: Canon 90D: Question about OVF auto-focus

The focusing issues are coming primarily from bird photographers who use AF servo and shoot bursts.  The face detect default is one issue.  In that mode the AF will fail if the camera incorrectly identifies a face.  It also fails if it correctly identifies a face and then loses tracking of the face.  It then reverts to focusing on a close high contrast area of the scene.  In addition to the face detect issue which can be turned off, bird shooters also report issues with AF servo losing focus especially when shooting bursts.  It appears that the 10 fps burst rate exceeds the ability of the camera to respond with a fast moving subject.

If you spend any time reading this forum you will see these same issues discussed over and over and over again.  The fix for Canon is probably to make a firmware adjustment allowing for a intermediate frame rate.  Now it is either 3 or 10.  Adding 7 might fix the issue.

Anyway the emphasis on this issue takes away from the appreciation of the positive aspects of the camera.  I rarely shoot birds in flight or bursts.  For me the camera is the best APS-C camera by a wide margin.  When not using AF servo, the focusing is noticeably better than the 80D or any previous APS-C Canon camera.  It is fast and extremely precise and works better than previous camera in low light.  A big factor for me is focusing at macro distances.  This is the first camera that actually does well at 1:1 or 1:2 macro.

There are some other very impressive features.  First of course is the resolution.  Second is the way the camera works when using Canon DPP4 software.  With a high res sensor, diffraction can become an issue.  Canon's diffraction correction software works remarkably well for the 90D.  DC is not new but it just did not seem to do much in the past.  For a high res sensor, the 90D also does well with noise reduction at high ISO.  That includes noise reduction when pulling details from the shadows; i.e., dynamic range.  Again this is a factor where post processing is important and DPP4 software outperforms the choices from Adobe.

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