Bye bye Best Buy. Store informs me my Lumix S5 will be delayed

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Bye bye Best Buy. Store informs me my Lumix S5 will be delayed

The same day I ordered this camera from, I was a bit anxious, and wondered..."Could it be that Best Buy just wants me my foot in the door, pretending they have this camera when they don't? Will they tell me that i will be receive it on a certain day and then say "oops. Never mind, you're going to have to wait".

Still, I thought the chances of that were not high.

But alas! in an email dated September 24th, Best Buy at the last minute tell me that my camera (which was supposed to arrive at my house on.... September 24, today) won't be ready today.

"Delayed orders are typically fulfilled within a few days. As soon as your item becomes available we'll send an e-mail letting you know it's on the way. However, due to increased shipping volume, delivery of your order may be affected."

Mind you, I called yesterday morning because the status was a cryptic "your order is being reserved". and the Best Buy guy told me everything was a okay and my camera would still be here today.

Here's where it gets ugly: Both Amazon and Adorama say "this item will be released by the manufacturer on September 30".

Was Best Buy lucky enough to get a hold of this item before other stores for it? Very doubtful, since they conveniently canceled my order.

Here's the mistake Best Buy just made: they thought they would somehow benefit from pulling this on me. But guess who loses more?

I am planning to buy a laptop computer worth around $700 . I could easily drive to my nearest Best Buy to get it but now I will go to Target instead.

When I finally get this camera from another vendor, where will I buy SD cards and parts and the like? Not from Best Buy, for sure.

When my color printer breaks down and I need a new one, where will I purchase a new one? Not from Best Buy

I am giving my money to responsible, transparent outlets who tell you they still don't have a product when they don't have it.

At least B&h photo posts a big fat pre-order instead of pretending they already have it.

Amazon likewise says "pre-order" when an item hasn't been released.

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