Stackshot or Camranger for 1:1 floral still life?

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tokyowalker Regular Member • Posts: 116
Stackshot or Camranger for 1:1 floral still life?

I’m deciding on a new system to incorporate stacking into my rekindled macro interest workflow (finally). New gear starting out will be Sony A7r4 and several AF macro lenses.

The reason I mostly ask is bc the 2 techniques are completely different in that Stackshot varies the physical (fixed) focal point whereas Camranger (or in camera stacking option) alters the focal point of the lens group itself. In one better than the other IQ wise?

thanks !!

60% 3  votes
Camranger (or in camera stacking)
40% 2  votes
Both are equivalent in the final image result wise.
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