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Re: best cameras for modeling photography

pretzel33 wrote:

I’ve used a friend’s Canon Rebel T6 before, but it did so badly with the lighting (dark-ish room with a few spots of direct sunlight) that the camera from their iphone xr took better pictures.

Are you shooting on a tripod or hand-held? That makes a big difference.

Phones have such small lens apertures that they get everything in focus, and they stack photos to make the most of bad lighting. But they don't offer lens choices and their focal length is not necessarily the most flattering for the kind of photography you want to do.

My suggestion would be to learn some photography basics (A good book or a course) -- and maybe a little more about lighting. A little learning will let you get great results no matter what camera you choose. Part of the reason professional fashion photographers can get such great results is they know exactly what the machinery is doing and how they can best manipulate it.

The good news is this stuff is far from rocket science and not at all hard to learn, and once you know the basics you can get good results with a very affordable camera.

That said it's nearly impossible to buy your way to a great picture. I've seen lots of photographers (going back to the film days) who bought high-end cameras and still got lousy shots because they couldn't be bothered to learn the basics.


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