super zooms ?

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Re: super zooms ?

Funny Valentine wrote:

jerelee wrote:

Not too long ago superzooms were shunned as not performing very well. Now with M4/3s and the M system they are are selling like hot cakes for good money. What has changed?

Lens design has improved a little. But mostly software correction are implemented more efficiently for distortions, chromatic aberrations and fringing.

It's much more than corrections. Superzooms used to suck. Utterly. Deplorably, Irretrievably. No amount of computation could salvage a good image from them. Newer lens designs changed that, and m43 was one of the first platforms to realize these gains.

The perform well enough but they won't be replacing primes. Primes are still better for larger aperture, better sharpness and better bokeh rendition.

The sharpness difference is pretty miniscule in some cases, but certainly fast primes are hard to beat. OTOH a 35/1.2 isn't so hot if what you need in the heat of the moment is 135mm.

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