Need help choosing between Sony A6600 and A7III

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Re: Need help choosing between Sony A6600 and A7III

I had the same consternation in choosing between these three options, in upgrading from A6000. Ultimately, my “wants” leaned more to the following, in order:

1.) Better video options (resolution, AF, etc.), mostly for shooting my children’s sporting events (baseball, softball, football).

2.) Budget. We all know how these times are, and while we’re doing ok right now, it’s very tough to know what the near term outlook is. So, the less I have to fork out, the better...

3.) Size matters to me... I went with the APS-C long ago to get what I felt was the best mix of portability and performance, so I do care about how large my bag has to be. I’ve already got to cart a ton of other stuff around for the kids, so anything smaller is definitely better. This is doubly important when talking lens reach. I MUST have as long of a zoom as I can get for most of these photos/videos, so to get there...the size of those lenses matters to me.

4.) I “wanted” something with better battery life. The A6000 was a good workhorse for quite a while, but on many occasions I felt I was constantly chasing the battery gauge.

So, knowing those things, I went with the A6600 even with all of the noise of the pro-FF camp in full effect. In the end, I just couldn’t justify the expense that would be required to get an equivalent lens setup nor could I get over the additional girth, weight and overall expense of truly compatible FF lenses. For me, I think the A6600 is good enough. My only “real” complaint is having to give up an onboard flash, these growing my bag to have to add an outboard flash. But for me, the need for flash is rather rare, so it’s something I’ll just have to live with. I’m sure the A7 iii and the A7C are fine cameras, but right now it’s just not the time for me to make the move there. Maybe in another 5 years...

I haven’t had a chance to use the combo that I got yet. I got the A6600 body only, and I picked up the SEL70350G to go with it. For now, I’ll continue to use my SELP1650 from my existing setup until I can save up to move up to the SEL1655G. These two new lenses are already going to be much larger physically than my prior pair (I also have the SEL55210, but I’m going to sell that one as soon as possible), but I think I’ll be able to live with that given the likely better quality and additional reach at 350mm. Here’s hoping that this setup works for me for a few years...

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