Meike MD-D18 died?

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Re: Meike MD-D18 died?

dperez wrote:

I pulled the end cap off the BL-5 because of the earlier entry in here about having to swap the end cap for the battery to work. I figured if there could be some bizarre issue with brand X, I'll pull the end cap so I know the battery is full seated on the contacts.

I didn't THINK it would matter, but it's a 30 second job, and if it had worked I'd have been a happy camper...

Unfortunately, it didn't do anything.

You were, and are, confusing me with " Without the end cap I have LOTS of flexibility for positioning the battery, so if it was going to work, I"d think that would do it..."

Basically I removed two screws from both the BL-5 and a tray, and swapped the end pieces.  I'm not understanding "without the end cap"

Anyway, .............................

The D850 should work with only a battery in the grip. So the camera is not recognizing the battery. You should have an EN-EL15 tray for the grip. Try running the body battery in that tray and see if it will recognize the smaller battery,

Nope. It doesn't recognize the en-el15 in the grip or the AAs in the grip or ANY of the EN-EL18x batteries I've used (2 Wasabi, 1 DSTE, 1 borrowed Nikon).

ONE of the things (of the many) that has me baffled is THIS WORKED. It worked perfectly. I was shooting hummingbirds, walked back to the car, shut it off, pulled the EN-EL18 out, stuck in another one, and NO battery info and no 9fps. Camera still worked fine 'cause there's a battery in the body, but nothing in the grip worked.

And it hasn't worked since, even with a REPLACEMENT Meike battery grip.

The camera is usable as long as I have both a body battery and a grip battery, so I have the vertical controls and such, but the D850 APPEARS not to see the battery in the grip...

Try a different brand grip?

............ that's not likely your problem.  The two different grips and same problem suggest to me, rightly or wrongly, that the issue is on the body side of the connection.

I pulled my grip and looked into the connector on both the body and grip.  I used a bright flashlight and I think I would be able to tell if anything was not right in there.  Worth a try to see if you can see something that's not quite right.

Other than that, I tighten my grip fairly snuggly without making it too difficult to remove. I don't think that you received two faulty grips, but it is possible.  Anyone else you know, or either store nearby that would let you try another grip?

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