Meike MD-D18 died?

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Re: Meike MD-D18 died?

I pulled the end cap off the BL-5 because of the earlier entry in here about having to swap the end cap for the battery to work.  I figured if there could be some bizarre issue with brand X, I'll pull the end cap so I know the battery is full seated on the contacts.

I didn't THINK it would matter, but it's a 30 second job, and if it had worked I'd have been a happy camper...

Unfortunately, it didn't do anything.

The D850 should work with only a battery in the grip. So the camera is not recognizing the battery. You should have an EN-EL15 tray for the grip. Try running the body battery in that tray and see if it will recognize the smaller battery,

Nope.  It doesn't recognize the en-el15 in the grip or the AAs in the grip or ANY of the EN-EL18x batteries I've used (2 Wasabi, 1 DSTE, 1 borrowed Nikon).

ONE of the things (of the many) that has me baffled is THIS WORKED.  It worked perfectly.  I was shooting hummingbirds, walked back to the car, shut it off, pulled the EN-EL18 out, stuck in another one, and NO battery info and no 9fps.  Camera still worked fine 'cause there's a battery in the body, but nothing in the grip worked.

And it hasn't worked since, even with a REPLACEMENT Meike battery grip.

The camera is usable as long as I have both a body battery and a grip battery, so I have the vertical controls and such, but the D850 APPEARS not to see the battery in the grip...

Try a different brand grip?

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