DSLR -> Mirrorless Guides?

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Re: DSLR -> Mirrorless Guides?

ken_in_nh wrote:

ChelseaPhotographer wrote:

Weight and size is one of the primary reasons I'm considering a switch to mirrorless, but I'm not looking for a travel friendly camera. I'm primarily looking for a higher res camera (aka D850+) that is smaller and lighter in weight If Nikon had something like that then I wouldn't be looking any further...

Then the Nikon Z7 is probably your guy...

Even though I've been a Canon shooter since 1973 or so, I'd agree if the OP is looking for the least painful transition.

I (the OP) am not looking for the most painless transition. I'm looking for the best platform for the future. When I bought my first Nikon DSLR I did so because I was told that Nikon had the best lenses at that time. At this point I've probably got about $8k invested in Nikon glass at this point.
I don't want to switch platforms, BUT if Sony is a better "platform" (lens quality wise) then I would seriously consider it, regardless of the expense of new Sony lenses.

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