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Re: Migration from Lightroom to iCloud

amarokWPcom wrote:

Since I changed my workflow from PC to my iPad I started to migrate my photo library from Lightroom to iCloud.

Has anybody done the same and what have been your experiences and challenges, maybe also solved stumbling blocks and advises.

Many thanks in advance for your feedback

P.S. My first issue for the moment is, that after I imported the photos to the iPad and created several albums the photos are synced over all devices but NOT the albums (organization of the photos)

Reading between the lines here, it looks like you’ve imported into Photos app (the mention of Albums).

Yes, that’s correct, if you import into Photos you’ll need to create each folder and album again.

I recently did the same migration here a couple of months ago. It’s going to be a long job depending on how many photos you have.

If you have access to the desktop version, you can import maintaining folder structure, but keep the import numbers low, a few hundred at a time at most, and quit/relaunch regularly. Better still, go to the Apple Support Discussions and search out Old Toad’s scripts, there’s one there for importing folders into Photos that works a lot better.

Make sure you save xmp sidecar files in Lightroom, then Photos will also use any keywords and people names you used in Lightroom (although the keywords aren’t much use on the iPad).

If you only have the iPad, then it’s the tedious job of creating all the folders and albums from scratch.

You’ll also have to re-edit everything if you have Raws, the edits aren’t transferable (that’s the case regardless of which Raw developer apps you have). Or you can export all your images as rendered edited images to keep the editing you’ve already applied, and then import those into Photos.

You do know you can use Lightroom on the iPad don’t you? You can migrate the Classic catalogue into Lightroom cloud, and keep the folder/album structure (see the Adobe website for instructions), and carry on from where you already are.

If you’re sticking with Photos, Raw Power (Gentlemen Coders) is the best integrated editor with Photos, and gives a seamless non-destructive workflow. A set of apps consisting of this and Affinity + Pixelmator makes a formidable toolkit.

If you’re saving directly to iDrive, then it’s all manual as far as I know, and you probably do need to create each folder as needed.

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