Do you like Trains?

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Re: Yes, I like trains, but, . . .

Bill Borne wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

Bill Borne wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

. . . only if they park in Chama, New Mexico, preferably in an autumn setting.

I can at least drive there and watch the schenery.

And, yes, the foliage is hitting its peak.

naughty guy! You are too old for that!

Science has advances in store for those beyond the Class of '69. However, you have me all wrong.

If you leave Abiquiu for Chama, you might get this view,

or, if you go by way of Taos, you might get a similar view.

I'm waiting for the train carrying honey "mooners." (Crazy dictionary wants me to print "moaners.") I saw it in a movie; box car full of people moaning as they went by.

And, yes, my sciatica is no laughing matter. I am not blaming the pandemic on that.

Don't you just miss another trip to the Silverton area?

Thank you for rigging the "Weekly, . . ." and "Mini-challenge."

David, You are a pretty funny guy!! Like the Train Shots. Welcome on the weekly but got some flac on the Mini Challenge tho. I got tough skin

And Yes I Realy Really missed my trip this year!!!

I want to say "sorry," but, I'll settle for "Safe!"  On first, if not a HomeRun.

If you hadn't rung me up, I'd still be nursing my "yaya."  Maybe I have carpal.  But, I think it has a lot more to do with lifting a heavy couch; one end at a time.  Then, this past Friday, I went dancing with a shovel.  Yesterday, I went to where I captured the yoga scene.  I laid my "sarape" weaving on the ground and I did the few exercises that I surfed on the web, on the quick.

My fingers had a fun time until I tried the scene.  In the extreme, the pain kept me from noticing improvement, yet, this morning I could move!  So, I did the dishes; have yet to try the broom.  On the way to feed puppy, I touched the shovel.  Puppy took off like a shot.  He wants me for pals something fierce.  That's as far as I got.  If it wasn't for that I paid sixty dollars for the tool, years ago, I would have thrown it away.

I came back in to hurl a few curves at the other forums.  It was gonna get interesting, but, I can't hardly laugh and hurt at the same time, so, I'm just gonna get up and try some meditation (transcendental, I think.). I'm learning this as I go; OK?

"You may have to leave me behind; save yourself."  (Not my words.  Saw them in a movie yesterday.  First movie I sit/lay/roll/standonhead and watch in a long time.  War movie; of course.)

If I sharpen that shovel again, it'll turn into a hoe.



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