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I’ve recently become interested in taking my own modeling pics. These would be from 4-7 ft away, usually in sub-optimal/natural lighting. I’ve used a friend’s Canon Rebel T6 before, but it did so badly with the lighting (dark-ish room with a few spots of direct sunlight) that the camera from their iphone xr took better pictures. i’m not sure whether i should drop $600 on a phone like theirs, or whether spending it on a real camera would be a better investment, given the lighting restrictions (and a self-timer function would be necessary). I know next to nothing of photography and am trying to save money, so you guys have any recommendations or ideas, please let me hear them. Thank you

I'm having a hard time imagining this room but there may be some things to try out before opening the wallet. I assume you already have a cellphone camera.

I see some cellphone camera self-timer/intervalometer apps available at Google Play, Apple probably has the same. (For example, an intervalometer app would tell the cellphone to take a photo every X seconds).

There must be a bazillion tutorials on how to shoot in bad lighting or how to recognize bad lighting. Common tips for indoor shooting are to move close to a window and/or to use a reflector. Depending on the size of the subject, a reflector could be some sheets of white paper or large poster board.

Sounds like yet another, "How do I shoot models but I don't want to be bothered with lighting" threads.

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