Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

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Re: Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

tesla23 wrote:

Don’t be ridiculous, the resell value is mostly being determined by availability in decent condition which means most of these cameras have issues, which they do if you look at the descriptions

As someone who has purchased several cameras (not just looked on eBay), "most of the cameras have issues" is simply not a true statement. These things are a lot better made than plastic digi-junk, and many eBay sellers advertise the cameras as "untested" or "parts only" because they don't want to have to deal with a return for such a cheap item.

The last "for parts only" camera I bought worked perfectly... which means I need to find another parts camera to get the parts I need. For this one particular model, I'm having a hard time finding one that *doesn't* work.

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