Sigma Lens OS on SDQ?

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Re: Sigma Lens OS on SDQ?

atom14 wrote:

Lynxo wrote:


I know tripod mounted is best for tack sharp images. How effective is the SIgma OS on the SD Quattro?

Would that still allow tack sharp images to some degree when you cannot bring a tripod with you?

If lighting conditions where you need slow shutter 1/30-1/60, would the OS do the job?

Lynxo. Don't take this personally, but I have read through all the replies in this thread and so far I have found no QED in any part of it.

I think it may be partly due to your 1) assertion, and 2) questions.

Firstly, I disagree with your statement as it stands that "tripod-mounted is best for tack-sharp images". There are circumstances where camera movements are just magnified by a tripod supporting a camera.

Secondly, in your question you are asking about "tack-sharp" and "degree". The two terms seem at odds.

Thirdly, your last question is asking for a qualitative reply to a specific condition. But there is insufficient information to be specific because you are asking about lenses with OS in general.

I don't think you are going to get a general answer, just the specific ones so far given by the likes of Scott(ell)y (thanks, btw, Scotty). However, even this illustration is not conclusive because the lack of OS alone has not been proven as the cause of the blur in the "OS Off" shot (or the converse).

So, in the spirit of the thread, all I can offer is that with an SD1M and a 50-500 DG OS running at full tilt, I have been generally satisfied with some of the sharpness I have achieved with exposure times as low as 1/30sec. Mind you, there are times where even at shorter exposure time I have got motion blur. But I think that in those times I have been the main contributor with excessive movement in the hand-held procedure, which only involves bracing myself against something like a wall.


No worries. You are all highly experienced and knowledgeable.

I take in your replies and process at my level. Certainly this field, there so many variables in play. 
It is more getting a feel for how others experience their equipment, not so much all set in stone.

Of course on tripod it may not always be tack sharp. Especially with OS which they state to switch it off in some situations.

I’m no where near the high level of Sigma users here. 
You(in general) shouldn’t take it personally either and I do see that from previous replies, lol. If I stated something, it is more in question form.

Ultimately, I will have to experience and learn for myself.

All is good. Great group of experienced people here.

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