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Re: Need advice for a new camera

Do you want to drop down in sensor size and get significantly more zoom capability or move up in sensor size for better low light capability?

I am thinking that if you were happy with the short zoom range of the LX3 then a 1" sensor camera will make more sense. Besides, trying to juggle a paraglider and hold a camera zoomed way out steady, may not happen.

A 1" sensor will allow you to use a higher ISO value before you start to get smudging and noise. That might offset a slightly slower lens also.

The very best IQ cameras in the compact 1" sensor range is the Sony RX100 series. But they are very pricey. The RX100iii to RX100VA has a 24-70 zoom and a f/1.8-f/2.8. The RX100vi and RX100vii have a 24-200 zoom and a slower f/2.8-f/4.5 lens.

The only 1" offerings in Panasonic is the ZS100 and ZS200. Both have a f/3.3-f/6.4 lens and the ZS200 has a 24-360 zoom vs the ZS100's 25-250 zoom.

All of these cameras have 20MP sensors. While the ZS100/200 might have a slightly softer lens than the Sony's, the increased resolution should still fair well compared to your 10MP LX3. And the ZS100/200 are significantly less costly than the Sony's.

Pre-owned cameras will be slightly cheaper if budget considerations are a factor.

I personally investigated potential replacements for my ZS19 which is my spare second camera. I am leaning toward the ZS200 for that purpose. On the other hand, if a small compact camera was my main camera, I would lean more for one of the Sony RX100's. However, my personal preference for a main camera is the larger form factor. But everyone's needs are different.

Go with what works best for you.

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