DSLR -> Mirrorless Guides?

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Re: DSLR -> Mirrorless Guides?

ChelseaPhotographer wrote:

The focus is also different. Top DSLRs can acquire focus almost instantaneously. Mirrorless cameras are not as fast at focus acquisition, but they can be good at focus tracking, specially if the scene is not too complex.

A lot of people on this site will tell you that "mirrorless is the future". It might be, but that is not necessarily a good thing...

The idea that DSLR focus faster than mirrorless is a dated one. The most recent mirrorless cameras, crop or full size, are every bit competitive in the focus speed department.

EVF have disadvantages, such as a slight lag and more limited dynamic range. Balance that against focus peaking, invaluable in focusing in dim light, light so dim that a DSLR won't focus. With mirrorless, focus calibration is a thing of the past, too.  Add the absence of mirror slap and mirror induced vibration.  Mirror lockup is a thing of the past.

You decide:  old technology with several disadvantages and one advantage, or newer with reduced viewfinder dynamic range, but many offsetting advantages.

There are many reasons why mirrorless is the future.  Remember that once upon a time, rangefinder cameras were state of the art too, and some folks resisted the move to SLRs.

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