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Re: iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

Mike Boreham wrote:

Andy Hewitt wrote:

And as usual, more proof of the YMMV ethos :-).


Thanks, yes it is a YMMV issue and lots of people (like you) are quite happy with the Apple shared albums and photos. I think I am in a minority, but not alone.

The main stumbling block for me is how to get my wife's photos at full resolution into our main photos library automatically. ie not a manual weekly or monthly transfer. If she shares them with me from Apple Photos they would only be accessible to me at reduced resolution, and for adding to our primary library I want the full resolution versions.

Indeed so, we have no need to share the original full res versions.

Secondary to that would be how does she see the culled and edited (by me) versions of her photos on her own devices. I could share them back to her at reduced resolution. She would then have her own photos in a shared album and her own main album.

Yes, that’s how Photos works. We both have our own library of original photos, and a set of shared albums that are setup by either party. The other person (the sharee I guess) can extract the images from the shared albums to include in their own library, and put into any of their own parts of their collection. This protects the image should the shared album be removed.

If I need to share any full res images (unlikely to be ever needed), then we can send them in a variety of ways.

The shared Lightroom Cloudy library gets over all these problems automatically, at a cost.

For sure.

Maybe there are some good answers to my stumbling blocks which I am always willing to hear and try. In general I would prefer not to be using the third party solutions although at the back of my mind is the thought that photography is Adobes core business and it is not Apples.

Of course it is now (not originally, it was Postscript fonts, then vector drawing), although I suppose you could bring that argument down to all sorts of levels - such as Computer Systems are Apple’s business, cloud storage was actually neither of their businesses originally, and Apple have been at it longer than Adobe, and indeed could have been key to Adobe being successful in the first place (just looking at some history).

Although easily forgotten is that Apple released a Raw photo DAM before Adobe did, and IMHO did a better job of it until they killed it off, and they did start cloud based services before Adobe.

Also historically, neither has been brilliant at changing policy with regard to supply of services, and both have been responsible for some stinkers too (Flash comes to mind!).

Either way, both companies are extremely successful, and have healthy bank balances, and both have very well paid and talented teams of developers (and marketeers of course).

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