Panasonic LX100ii/Leica DLUX 7 for serious travel/street photography?

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Re: Panasonic LX100ii/Leica DLUX 7 for serious travel/street photography?

123dy wrote:

For me an LX100-2 would represent a lot of money! No way would i just throw it in a beach bag.

The ‘throwing’ part is a slight exaggeration on my part. “Put in a small case that then goes into a beach bag” would be more precise, but far more wordy

I'm convinced that beaches are evil places for cameras.

You’re not wrong at all

Tz200 also has a flash synch speed of 1/2000. I'm unsure whether fast synch speeds are a piece of arcania that belong alongside the RAW discussions I see on here or whether they're just something I take for granted.

Flash sync speed isn’t arcania - it’s a creative capability. I don’t want to get into too much technical detail (a quick Google search will turn up a ton of articles explaining it), but a fast max flash sync speed allows you to use fill flash in more situations and more exposure latitude to get the shot you want with less equipment.

With most ILC’s, you’re looking at a max flash sync speed of ~1/160th-1/250th due to the nature of focal plane shutters. The leaf shutter on the LX100’s (and Fuji X100’s) can open and close fully much faster, so they can sync flash at 1/2,000th or faster.

One illustration (not posting because it’s a great image, but because it’s the first example I could think of):

Here, the camera metered the background at f/2.8 and 1/2,000th (and even then, I arguably overexposed the background). To do the same photo on my E-M5 II (max flash sync of 1/250th), I would’ve needed to stop down to ~f.7.1. The image would’ve been quite different - it would’ve had a much greater depth of field. And a built in/clip on flash likely won’t be good enough - you’re likely going to need a pretty big, powerful flash to provide the amount light needed at f/7.1 - adding size and expense. You could also use high speed flash sync, but again - you need a decently powerful flash for that too. And my daughter isn’t going to tolerate the multiple pops that you get from high speed flash sync

Hope that helps!

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