DP2Q vs Canon R5

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Re: DP2Q vs Canon R5

xpatUSA wrote:

Neil-O wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

DaveyS wrote:

Just a bit of fun to see how the 2014 DP2Q holds up against the 2020 Canon R5, not bad for a $899 camera and lens!


Not bad at all.

I don't understand the volume numbers ... One pint is 568ml, not 550, and where does the 2.7 fl.oz come from ... is it the alcohol content or summat?

Nah then xpat, it's US pints tha kno's.

One US pint plus 2.7 fluid oz is 550 ml.

Ah'll sithee.


Makes sense, bah goom ...

So, where at wuz 'em pitchers took?

Ey up I wonder what Google translate made of that.

TBH when I saw these photos I was astonished, in fact I thought it must be some other "Samuel Smith", I mean, Sam Smith is probably the most "Yorkshire" of all our breweries, Sam Smiths Old Brewery Bitter is about as Yorkshire as you can get, it could only be more Yorkshire if you poured it into a straight glass, sat it in a Yorkshire pudding and stuck a flat cap on it.

The idea that they now brew lager and sell it to the Americans is just too much.

But I discover they've been at it for quite some time, albeit in disguise with some fancy German name until they came clean a few years ago.

I suppose we all have to move with the times but this is a bit like discovering your mother is a secret lap dancer.

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