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Re: Need advice for a new camera

Without a doubt, you will love either the rx100m6 or m7, and love the results. I am quite confident that if you buy one, new or used, with return privileges, you will keep it.

It is a darker lens than the LX-3, which caused me some hesitation, however:

larger sensor by far

greater reach by far

24fps continuous shooting (tooo fast, 100 shots in 4 secs to edit. I use 10 or even 3 fps, easier editing later)

Separate Fn Menu, Instantly to your chosen 12 settings to change shot to shot

superior focus system: PDCD, amazing speed and accuracy.

higher ISO photos will have less noise

20mp images, nearly twice the # of pixels (modern pixels), thus you can crop them very aggressively. Sometimes you won't need to zoom fully into the lens's darkest aperture, simply crop a cleaner original

amazing modern processor

very good IS allows blur free slower shutter speeds

Aggressive Jpeg NR allows successful higher ISO use, which allows faster shutter speed to be used frequently

tilt lcd, pop-up evf, pop-up flash. EVF arms-in steadier handheld position enables slower shutter speeds

You might miss the LX-3's hot shoe if you have a large flash for group shots requiring you to stand further away.

auto iso in Manual mode

manual focus system is terrific, I use it frequently and you get quite fast with it quickly. see above link.

many optional features: HDR, DRO, Multi-Frame NR.

Jpeg Only Extra Reach: 'effortless, occasional, good enough'

Smart Zoom (in-camera crop) 280mm at 10mp or 400mm at 5mp image sizes.

Clear Image Zoom (in-camera crop and in-camera upscale) 400mm at 20mp

Jpeg 'effortless, occasional good enough' in camera Panorama.

My rx100m6 setup suggestions

More than you wanted to know about these modern marvels

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