Sony FE vs Canon RF Vs Nikon Z

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Re: Sony FE vs Canon RF Vs Nikon Z

Achilleas96 wrote:

Another thing that concerns me and i am not so sure if it matters or not is the mount size and what that means for the future of the system. Will the others be able to make better optical formulas that lead to better sharpness and better quality lenses wbile sony remains stuck or it means nothing?

mount diameter wrt p.q. means nothing, for example the rf50/1.2 has worse vignetting than the old ef50/1.2... it's down by over four stops in the corners, which is ridiculous for a huge $2300 prime:

lens design is what matters, not mount diameter, and when it comes to milc bodies, everything revolves around sensor performance... sony has over half of the worlds cmos image sensor manufacturing capacity, and they are the only company that's produced ff stacked sensor cameras... as a platform decision that gives sony a huge advantage, for instance the first ff global sensor will most likely be made by sony.

by comparison, i think that r5/r6 uses noise reduction in their sensors, it gives a 2/3rds-stop rise in dynamic range, which looks good on the test charts, but the problem with n.r. is that it lowers resolution... r5/r6 are not even bsi sensors?

sensor design and lens design/selection have to be applied to what you are shooting... for instance, i got an a9 because it has the best af on the market, i wanted that for shooting sports and eyeaf with people... with landscapes you don't need to pay big bucks for a stacked sensor, and if there are a couple of xlnt lenses in z-mount that work for what you want, why pay more for a stacked sensor body.

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