DSLR -> Mirrorless Guides?

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Re: DSLR -> Mirrorless Guides?

anim8tr wrote:

Weight and size is one of the primary reasons I'm considering a switch to mirrorless, but I'm not looking for a travel friendly camera. I'm primarily looking for a higher res camera (aka D850+) that is smaller and lighter in weight If Nikon had something like that then I wouldn't be looking any further...

weight wrt sensor size is largely a function of lens selection, and you have an advantage in that you can use manual focus for landscape/architecture, which opens the door for adapted glass... for you, that could include the 3rd-party z-mount to fe-mount lens adapter, but do your homework on how well it works, you don't want something that introduces tilt into the equation.

i don't know if there is a z-mount to ef-mount adapter for lenses... the problem with dslr lenses is that modern milc lens designs are much better than old dslr lens designs, z50/1.8 being one example of that.

if you want native glass only, sony is the obvious choice because of the huge e-mount lens selection and 61mp sensor.

as far as justifying milc over dslr, manual focus works far better in an evf than it does with an ovf, due to magnification and focus peaking, so you are headed in the right direction.

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