Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

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Re: Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

neilt3 wrote:

smithim wrote:

tesla23 wrote:

there needs to be:

- more new 35mm cameras, especially premium models (except for Leica of course)

- more service places

And if there is sufficient demand, there will be... Few manufacturers turn down the chance to make decent money.... This implies that there probably aren't that many people who want them.

If the main manufacturers restarted making film SLRs again ( Canon , Nikon etc ) the expenditure needed , and the quantity that they would make would make them far too expensive for the target market .

Exactly - there isn't the market out there are the prices they'd have to charge. You can buy a brand new F6 for only £1,995, on which the development costs must have been amortized long ago. So any new replacement would be much more expensive. I doubt that they sell many new F6 bodies these days.

I bought recently a Lubitel 2 TLR in perfect working order for £20 .

A new one is £265 from the Lomography store .

All my other film cameras are second hand .

Well, all of mine were bought new, but some of them were bought about 40 years ago. Not one of them has ever given me a moments grief, but then I do tend to look after them

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