Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

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Re: Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

smithim wrote:

tesla23 wrote:

there needs to be:

- more new 35mm cameras, especially premium models (except for Leica of course)

- more service places

And if there is sufficient demand, there will be... Few manufacturers turn down the chance to make decent money.... This implies that there probably aren't that many people who want them.

If the main manufacturers restarted making film SLRs again ( Canon , Nikon etc ) the expenditure needed , and the quantity that they would make would make them far too expensive for the target market .

Look at the retail prices of cameras twenty years ago when they were mainstream .

For a niche product that price will be much  more , so who would pay it ?

Especially when you can buy used gear for a tiny fraction of the original price .

Look at the price of new cameras at the Lomography store , very expensive for a very basic , plastic , manual camera .

I bought recently a Lubitel 2 TLR in perfect working order for £20 .

A new one is £265 from the Lomography store .

Let's face it , it's a box with a shutter on , it's used for fun .

How many rolls of film will go through it to justify buying new ?

How many times can I replace it for the same price , I've other cameras dating back to 1912 that still work fine .

The only new film cameras I've bought recently are a 5x4 camera and a Noon pinhole camera that does 6x6 , 6x9 or 6x12 on 120 film .

Previous to that I bought a Minolta Dynax 5 NOS in 2005 and got a crappy panoramic camera free with the tokens off the back if a Cornflakes packet in the 1980's .

All my other film cameras are second hand .

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