iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

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Re: iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

Mike Boreham wrote:

Thanks Andy all useful info.

The overriding reason (which I forgot to mention above) for preferring Lightroom Cloudy to Photos is the ability to sign my wife's devices in to the same Adobe ID and have all photos and edits syncing across all our devices. The inability to do this with Photos was the main reason I switched two years ago (as well as the iCPL albums concern) and is still true.

If Apple ever allow Photos Library sharing between Apple IDs I might come back. Since they have recently done this with the new iCloud Folder sharing in Catalina I have not given up hoping, and asking via Feedback.

Funnily enough, I am happier using the iCloud Album sharing in our case.

Like you I was using the Adobe cloud logged into various computers, both mine and the wife’s, but to me it was too open to unintended troubles. Besides, my wife doesn’t need access to all 57,000 of my images, only the last few years really, since we met, and even then, there are loads she has no interest in.

So, I find the Sharing Albums so much safer, and easier for her to navigate, and still offer the functionality she needed all along (i.e. simply to view and use our family photos as desired, for such things as sending to other family, or bunging on Facebook).

She has no desire or interest in dealing with Raw files either, and doesn’t even really understand the concept, and hardly ever bothers with editing.

I have that interest, so edit as needed, then stick the appropriate photos into shared albums.

Although it is of course possible to share folders with Lightroom as well.

And as usual, more proof of the YMMV ethos :-).


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