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Re: iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Mike Boreham wrote:

Hi Andy,

Hi Mike,

I have been following this latest turn of your long quest with interest. It was largely through you, and with all your help, that I switched to Lightroom Cloudy two years ago, as I also had reliability issues with Apple Photos at that time, that led me not to trust it as my main photos tool.

Aye, I remember those conversations :-).

I am still on the Adobe wagon and happy with it, but I still keep backup libraries in Apple Photos and Lightroom Classic, in case of Armageddon or I want to change platforms. Though these inevitably diverge in organisation from my main Lightroom Cloudy. IPadOS and Magic Keyboard has given Cloudy a big boost as with everything else on iPads.

Because of your history with Apple Photos I was surprised at your latest move, but I think our reliability concerns about Photos were different. You mention crashing, which has never been a problem for me. My problems only happened (three years ago) when my Photos library was the iCloud Library, and involved the loss of all my albums. Actual photos all there but no structure. This also happened on my brother-in-laws iCloud Photos Lib (twice). Photos has been solid as a non iCloud library for us both. A level 10 Photos expert on ASC told me at the time that she thought this bug had been fixed (and also that the albums might reappear months later), and maybe it has by now, but as I am happy with Lightroom Cloudy I have not tried again to see.

Well, yes, I’m surprised myself too. At the moment I have kept my options open, and am still running the Lightroom ‘cloudy’ account, and still importing new images to it (although photo sessions have been somewhat limited this year). Once sufficient time has passed, and I’m happy (as I can be) that the Photos ecosystem is going to do the job, then I’ll eventually completely ditch the Adobe ecosystem.

I’ll probably still keep my old Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom Local Storage on a couple of hard drives, just in case, and I’ll always keep my archive backup running anyway, so there’s always a way out if needed.

The frustrating thing is, but for a handful of key features, I would have just stuck with Lightroom. As it is, it’s missing a few things I would want to suit my personal preferences better. The most important couple are external editing and virtual copies. Although Photos doesn’t document virtual copies, I did some tests and found that ‘Duplicates’ are actually a virtual copy, as, the storage does not increase significantly when using this. Unlike Lightroom cloudy, which does copy the original file.

You can do it with Lightroom, but only by using a cumbersome export/import routine, and yet another master file stored.

There’s also the missing batch editing, red-eye correction, and the lack of printing support

And of course, Photos is already known for working well with the likes of Raw Power, Pixelmator, and to some extent Affinity. All of which offer the capabilities missing in either Photos or Lightroom. If Lightroom even had external editor support, that might have been a game changer.

And, for economy, I was already subscribing to the 200GB iCloud service, so we can use family sharing. It was only a small cost to upgrade to 2TB, most of which is available to my photo storage if needed (even now we’ve only used just under 700GB as a family).

Although it’s unlikely I’d hit the 1TB limit of the Adobe option, it’s ridiculously expensive if I needed more than that.

Besides all that, the Family Sharing, and ease with which I can share photos with others, and all my devices, is a better match for what I need right now.

I hadn’t wanted to move to the iPad at this time, but circumstances dictated a little. My old iMac is getting long in the tooth, and won’t upgrade to OS 11 (Big Sur), it’s 7 years old. I didn’t want to spend money on a stop-gap purchase, and as the iPad Pro has just been updated this year, and I had the funds available, it kind ended up having to be now rather than later.

Of course I might have to deal with some workarounds, and wait for other functionality, but overall, I’m able to do anything I actually need to with my photos.

So you have moved back to Photos because it is more reliable for you on the iPad than on your computer? And RawPower is a key part of your strategy. I don’t do much raw these days but I wonder if using RawPower as the interface would protect me from the loss of Photos folders (if that is still a bug). I haven’t studied RawPower enough yet. I will store that away as another option.

So far so good. Raw Power is actually a little poorly named, it works equally well with non-Raw too.

I think recently we have seen the ‘what goes around comes around’ cycle. In the past I have seem failings in the Apple system, and recently we have seen a similar failing with the Adobe system. All that only shows how much importance there is in having a good backup/recovery strategy.

Indeed, I’m currently contemplating exporting my entire Lightroom catalogue as rendered JPEGs for archiving as it stands now.

As a bored-in-lockdown project I created a new Lightroom Classic library from my Cloudy Library by syncing from Cloudy. Took two weeks, then there was a problem at the end and had to start again! (gory detail here).It was a useful lesson in understanding the complex rules (and dangers) governing syncing between Classic and Cloudy that we spent a long time discussing in the past. Four months later I find I never use the Classic library, and have dumped it!

Yeah, have mine sat on a HDD for now, which I’ll probably just bung in a drawer at some point, I had only been using the cloudy version for some time though. Even once I’d got my Lightroom ecosystem organised and working, I often found it all too easy to have a brainf@rt and almost screw up everything.

No particular message here, just keeping in touch! Good luck.

Cheers. Similarly here, sometimes it’s nice to simply discuss these things, no opinions here, just relaying my experiences.

All the best to you.

Thanks Andy all useful info.

The overriding reason (which I forgot to mention above) for preferring Lightroom Cloudy to Photos is the ability to sign my wife's devices in to the same Adobe ID and have all photos and edits syncing across all our devices. The inability to do this with Photos was the main reason I switched two years ago (as well as the iCPL albums concern) and is still true.

If Apple ever allow Photos Library sharing between Apple IDs I might come back. Since they have recently done this with the new iCloud Folder sharing in Catalina I have not given up hoping, and asking via Feedback.

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