Sony FE vs Canon RF Vs Nikon Z

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Re: Sony FE vs Canon RF Vs Nikon Z

Achilleas96 wrote:

So the question is: have you considered changing systems and why? What did you choose if you 've made the switch? What is your experience

Not only I considered changing systems, but I did a few times.

Samsung APS-C mirrorless -> Sony APS-C mirrorless & Canon APS-C DSLR -> Canon FF DSLR -> Nikon FF DSLR.

The first change I did in the search of better AF and better IQ, the second change I did in search of better AF, better IQ and better lens availability, the third change I did mainly for AF and a bit for better IQ.

I am looking to switch again, this time to mirrorless FF. My reason being I don't have a good upgrade path in Nikon F mount as I want a better AF. D5 has that but is heavy and too expensive. The only mirrorless mount I would consider is Sony E because of its best AF in class and lens availability. However, even if the lenses I want are available in E mount, they are still kind of expensive. So I might wait a bit, or put more money towards a Nikon D5.

For me reasons to change mounts could be:

-better IQ

-better AF

-better lens availability or better lens prices

Reasons not to change mounts:

-poor IQ

-poor AF

-poor ergonomics

-less lenses available or higher lens prices

Some features like IBIS would be welcomed but not mandatory.

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