Can lens or camera have a 'clinical' rendering?

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Re: Did "Acutance" Go Extinct?

Erik Kaffehr wrote:

TheGrammarFairy wrote:

The way "micro contrast" is being used in this discussion makes it sound very similar to acutance which is a word that seems to have vanished from the discourse (until the estimable Irakly Shanidze brought it back up)

Also, micro-contrast is a word from film days when it was a property of film, chemistry, temperature, time, and agitation. Would it be more useful to reserve the term to describe sensor characteristics?

AiryDiscus wrote:

No, 'acutance' is used. It is very similar SQF. It is the weighted integral of the Contrast Sensitivity Function multiplied with MTF over the frequency range of human vision.

From this article:

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To be fair, they just co-opted the term.

Acutance makes more sense as the derivative of the LSF, or the gradient of the transition zone across an edge - as distinct from the constrast which is the magnitude of the difference.

In this sense, the term 'micro-contrast' makes sense because when the LSFs overlap, the contrast is independent of image contrast and a direct result of the lens/sensor OTF/CTF.

Co-opting a term as a measurement after it has been in use for some time is not really fair. SQF I have no issue with, but using acutance to describe something similar is a little cheeky IMO.

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