DSLR -> Mirrorless Guides?

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Re: DSLR -> Mirrorless Guides?

anim8tr wrote:

Is there an online resource that discusses the pluses and minuses of moving from one camera system to another when it comes to making a switch from DSLR to Mirrorless? I'm currently a Nikon DSLR shooter but would like to start moving to a mirrorless system, Nikon or other.

A clear advantage of mirrorless is that they can potentially be lighter and smaller than a similar DSLR.

The electronic view finder (EVF) in a mirrorless can be a blessing but also a curse. If you have trouble exposing, the EVF can "show you" what your final image is going to look like more or less, before you shoot it. With a DSLR you would look at the photo you just took (and maybe the histogram) and if it is not right, you just take it again... However, since EVFs are just tiny TVs on your camera, the dynamic range of the image you see is always inferior compared to an Optical View Finder in a DSLR. There is also always a lag in the EVF, which just doesn't exist with an OVF. So in practical terms, EVFs you put up with in order to have a lighter camera.

The focus is also different. Top DSLRs can acquire focus almost instantaneously. Mirrorless cameras are not as fast at focus acquisition, but they can be good at focus tracking, specially if the scene is not too complex.

In the end, if weight is not an issue, then for me DSLRs are better cameras for still photography.

A lot of people on this site will tell you that "mirrorless is the future". It might be, but that is not necessarily a good thing...

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