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Re: iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

RobLW wrote:

I’ve been spending quite some time looking at going iPad Native for my photography post processing work.

I decided to get rid of Lightroom. I don’t mind subscription but they lost some of my photos stored in their cloud. And more recently they made that release/update that affect a lot of people in a similar way, and there was no way to recover those images. Unbelievable considering the storage should be backed up!

Anyway, the biggest issue for me, was wanting a separate DAM from my editor. App Store normally has 10’s or 100’s of any app type, but not digital asset management unfortunately. Currently I’m trying out Mylio, although it has a free level you basically end up on subscription for the full hog. But it is modern UX and looks nice, syncs really fast. I tried Pixave but it just isn’t looked after anymore.

Yes, DAM does seem to be ones of the hardest tasks to get right, and I’d suspect as far as use on a i-Device goes, it’ll be a bit of a niche market at this time, although might improve now that the iPadOS has unlocked some key functions,

I also tried Apple’s on Photos app. I thought it might be a winner, but was left disappointed because it doesn’t support things like tagging and keyword searches etc. I don’t think they will make any API available for 3rd party clients (like Raw Power) to do such things. This is why Raw Power is dependant on creating it’s own albums in order to sync it’s data such as ratings. I hate the way most 3rd party programs access the folders & albums from Photos as well.

I think it works quite well myself, but there you go with the old YMMV.

For a DAM, Mylio appears to be the best option for me right now. There is a lot of potential but it requires decent developers to deliver. For example I like to keep my library (Mylio calls it a vault) on an external SSD. This way I can move my vault to various machines. Mylio needs updating to see that vault on the SSD when plugged into my iPad. Ideally it should also support importing images from the SSD to, so I can go 100% native iPad and not need an MBP/iMac.

If you’re using a SSD to plug into various devices as your main storage, I think that could be a recipe for disaster at some point. A lot of weaknesses to fall down there - such as the continuous plugging in/out of the connector, and that SSDs maybe aren’t really the best storage media for long term reliable storage. As far as I’m aware, they’re still not yet recommended for archival use.

You don’t say of you still have any desktop device as your main base of storage though, so I’m assuming that you’re iPad only for now.

I’m planning to migrate fully to iOS and iPadOS at some point, so have started to invest in the cloud storage option, with local HDDs as backup/archival storage (currently plugged into my old iMac, but will have to review that as time goes by).

Of course even that shouldn’t be considered archival or any kind of backup, as yet, I use mine as a working space. I’m running both Lightroom Cloud and Apple Cloud system in tandem during my transition period, I was lucky not to lose anything in the recent Adobe bug release, as I hadn’t actually been using Lightroom at that time, but it does show that storage failures can happen at any level.

And don’t necessarily rely on a commercial backup service either, they’ve been known to change policy  - was it BackBlaze (can’t remember who it actually was now) that ditched personal use customers?

Mylio ticks boxes apart from I can’t see the point. To a great extent I also watch for costs, after all, it’s a hobby, and I don’t make any money from my photos. Mylio + a separate cloud storage is far more costly, and much less value for money, than a Lightroom plan, for similar functionality.

I like to keep my DAM independent so I can use different tools. One of the (dis)advantages of using mobile devices for photo editing, is the vast array of options/apps available that special in jobs. Rather than something like Lightroom that tries to do everything but sucks at things like removing noise and clarity compared to other tools.

Hmm, really. My biggest issue with Lightroom mobile has been the lack of external editor support for sure, but as a rule, it works well enough for the majority of images.

Affinity Photo is my power-house editor of choice. It has more power than I ever use or am skilled for. I like PixelMator and raw power but wish they had better support for external storages rather than being so focused on Apple Photos as it’s core source of images.

No idea what you mean there, all three have a simple button to click to choose either Photos storage, or iCloud Drive (and even local storage on the iPad), and can work away just fine using a folder system you created in those locations.

I find Apple Photos incredibly frustrating for dealing with images I’ve taken with my Sony or Nikon camera. When I want to find images by camera, or by keyword, or by rating, or by flag etc. It’s just lets you down. Makes you wonder how the biggest company on the stock market is so slow and poor at keeping their software up to date

This is where I assume you are iPad/iOS only, as those functions are fully available on the desktop version.

I agree though, that there are missing functions with the mobile versions, but IMHO not as badly as Lightroom has managed so far.

I’m currently editing all my images, after the switchover, using Photos and Raw Power (an initial phase at the moment, learning and fine tuning the workflow), and it’s better than I expected. Moving my photos to iCloud has been more reliable than using Photos with external storage.

I would suggest NOT going the Photos route with your raw images. Don’t expect those missing features to come any time soon. It was frustrating having my iPhone snaps mixed up with my photos which I invested time and quality into.

A bit of a narrow minded view there. For sure it doesn’t suit your way of working, or what you need in your workflow, but it won’t be the case for everyone.

You could, for example, quite easily put those images into separate folders and albums, as many as you need.

Some may be OK using workarounds to get their workflow somewhere near what they want, others won’t be OK with that - for those I’d say that a fully mobile i-device setup is not the way to go yet,

All the best.

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