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Lens recommendation

Hi everyone, I'm currently in a dilemma as to my next lens purchase.

These are my photography needs. Primary usage would be #1, with occasional usage for #2 and #3.

1. Travel & landscape

2. Astrophotography (wide field milky way shots)

3. Family

My current kit:

1. 10-24mm

2. 15-45mm

3. 55-200mm

4. Samyang 12mm

These are the considerations for my next lens purchase:

1. 35mm f1.4 (For the occasional family shots. Would this be useful for astro panoramas as well?)

2. 16-55mm (An excellent upgrade to my mid-range zoom lens, which is also helpful for astro as well)

Would appreciate if anyone could provide some advice on the above. Thank you!

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