X100V - Overheating ( new info )

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Re: X100V - Overheating ( new info )

danob7 wrote:

Ed_arizona wrote:

Just a FYI... I am in Phoenix and NEVER use the video but shoot in 100+ temps warning comes on within 20 minutes or so, Wow. I am going to set to high temp setting

Hi Ed_arizona, I also live in Phoenix, and was really excited to get the new X100V. Well, I purchased one last week, and I received the warning message after taking 27 stills in my backyard (in single point focus mode), and it shut down after around 40 shots. Yes, it was slightly above 100 degrees, but I never got any overheating issues with my X100F or X-H1 (or my old X-T2). Since you posted this msg over a month ago, what is your take now on the X100V? Are you still happy with it and learned to live with the warning messages (assuming they are occasional) or did you return it?

I sold my beloved X100F to fund the X100V... I am now returning the X100V, but wondering if I had a lemon and should give it another try, or simply give up and re-purchase another X100F? You're are the key here in helping me make this decision. If you also kept struggling with overheating, then I will assume I didn't have a lemon but it is simply the nature of the beast and this model is unable to operate in out climate.

Not sure how hot it is in Phoenix but I lived in the US South where the heat index regularly hits 110+ and I haven’t run into any overheating issues.

Just regular use of the X100V taking stills in AF-S mode and shooting outdoors for 1-2 hours. The camera gets warm but never anything out of the ordinary and it doesn’t shut off at any point either.

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