Peak Design Cuff for EM1.2

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Re: Peak Design Cuff for EM1.2

RobbieBear wrote:

Dick Barbour wrote:

RobbieBear wrote:

Just ordered a PD Cuff for my EM1.2.

Just interested to know if folks remove the strap before putting the camera in your bag. Have heard that the metal loop can scratchdamage screens and things.

Have been using leather Footprint wrist straps and never removed it, just stuff it away at the end of my shooting.

Now decided to get the cuff and may supplement it with the PD Slide lite. This would seem a great combo and so easy to swap.

Any comments folks?

Tried it and didn't like it, but got the PD Clutch instead which is a hand strap rather than a wrist strap. To me it gives a lot more support and comfort, by wrapping around the back of the hand. With the PD anchors I can take it off and put on one of their shoulder straps easily. I have a Clutch on both my EM1.2 and G9 most of the time. Works especially well with the larger lenses like the 12-100, 50-200, and 100-400.


Cheers for advice. The cuff seems more minimal and that was a reason for me going for it. However, if it proves uncomfortable with the 40-150 pro, I might be tempted to try the Clutch.

MY eaelier post was in error, I have the cuff and love it. Im not good with product names.

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