Sigma Lens OS on SDQ?

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Re: Sigma Lens OS on SDQ?

Lynxo wrote:


I know tripod mounted is best for tack sharp images. How effective is the SIgma OS on the SD Quattro?

Would that still allow tack sharp images to some degree when you cannot bring a tripod with you?

If lighting conditions where you need slow shutter 1/30-1/60, would the OS do the job?

I don't know if you'd call them tack sharp, but take a look at 1/15 second with OS off and on, using an SD Quattro H and a 24-70mm f2.8 OS Art:

OS on

OS off

These two images are both the best of two sets of three (one set of three with OS on and one set of three with OS off). I focused for the first photo, turned off AF, and shot three with OS on. Then I turned off OS, and I shot three more. They were all handheld. As you can see, there was a lot of camera movement at 70mm handheld. This shows how terrible my handholding is, I guess. Just so you're aware, the other two photos in each set look very similar (lots of blur in the ones with OS off, and with OS on they are all pretty sharp).

This demonstrates how good the OS is. I was impressed, when looking through my viewfinder. It seems to work better than the OS on my old 70-300 OS lens. You can see a bunch of handheld portraits, which I shot with the 70-300 OS with the OS turned on here:

I shot some of those leaning against a table, but I did not use a tripod for that photo shoot.

Just so you're aware, I shot the buildings above at 1/30 and 1/125th too, but there was almost no difference between the shots at 1/125, though you could tell in two of the shots with OS off that they were slightly blurry. At 1/30 the story is similar to what you see above in the shots I made at 1/15.

As you can see by the data in the photos, I did not shoot with the lens stopped all the way down or opened all the way up. That would tell us very little. I tried to shoot at an aperture that would squeeze a lot of performance out of the lens.

Here's another pair of shots, handheld, but at a shorter focal length and at 1/30 second, using OS for the first one and no OS for the second one (also best out of sets of three):

OS on

OS off

I think I got lucky with that last shot with the OS off. It looks pretty good to me. The OS did appear to work at the faster, 1/30 second, shutter speed, but since I was using a wider focal length, I'm not sure the OS was really necessary at that shutter speed. The example in the beginning of my post above is a much better example of how well the OS works.

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