Some MF-Post Processing Desktop Observations / Questions...

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Some MF-Post Processing Desktop Observations / Questions...

There was one thread last month where we were talking about the desire for large fast SSDs and how at 8 TB it could solve our single-disk challenges in that almost all of our lifetime images will fit well within an 8TB SSD. That is unless you are a daily shooting event or school portrait pro and have a huge archive for your business.

But at 8TB, almost all of us could have everything on one disk, and if that disk is SSD, then that changes everything.  We could fit it all on one SSD and not worry about Raid arrays. Then just back up to a couple of external or internal 8 TB hard disk drives.

Well, last month Samsung announced the 870 QVO 2.5 inch SATA III MLC VNAND SSD at 4 and 8 TB.  The 4 TB is 450 bucks. The 8 TB is 800 to 900. They are hard to get. In fact, the 8TB is impossible to get right now but will be more available soon and the demand has pushed the price from 800 to 900.

Now I know SATA III is old tech and we all want NVMe M.2 PCIe SSDs (which is what you should be running your OS and programs on). But those are 1 and 2 TB and still very expensive. The SATA III bus was maxed on speed years ago, but for now, SATA is the only way to go on large SSDs.

In general, M.2 NVMe PCIe SSDs are about 5 to 7 times faster than SATA SSDs, but SATA III SSDs are 5 times faster than a spinning hard drive and very reliable.  So for now, big SSDs are SATA III (but that will hopefully change in the next couple of years.  Imagine the day when we are running on 6 or 8 TB M.2 NVMe PCIe4 SSDs that cost less than 300 bucks.  It could happen someday in the next 3 years.

So I just ordered the 8TB version of the Samsung 870 QVO SSD and am going to mount in my PC's drive bay and copy all of my entire image folder onto that 8TB SSD and that is the disk I will be working off of on LR.

I will use the 8TB HDDs as synced drives (as backup) using GoodSync.  In the unlikely event that this one big 8TB SSD fails, I can switch to a spinning HD and until I can repopulate a new SSD.

My question is (for Jim), when I move my entire huge photo folder to the 8TB SSD, I will probably just use GoodSync and set up a job to restore to the new SSD from my old primary HDD. Or should I just copy that entire 5 TB photo folder from my current 8 TB primary HDD that my LR catalog is linked to over to the new 8TB SSD instead of using GoodSync?  Just do a straight copy? No matter what, I have to reconnect my entire LR catalog to that new drive, which can be tricky.

Also, two weeks ago I went into my PC and removed the old motherboard and 7th Gen Intel i7 chip and installed the most powerful PC chip - the new 10th Gen Intel i9 10900K. I installed it on the new ASUS Maximin Hero 12 Motherboard. This resulted in a nice leap in Adobe speed and power, and Helicon too.  But my problem is, my system is now unstable and I can't install any printer drivers.

So I am going to take out the over 3 -year-old Samsung 960 EVO 1 TB drive that Windows 10 is running on and buy a new 2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVMe M.2 PCIe drive and do a clean install of windows on it. Then I will have to reload all my MS, Adobe, Norton, Helicon, and other subscription software.

While I am at it, I am going to take out the 32 GB of Corsair Dominator Plus 3200 RAM that I installed 3.5 years ago and replace it with 64 MB of Corsair Dominator 3600 RAM.

So here is my question. Going from 32 GB to 64GB and from 3200 to 3600 RAM speed (which is 750 bucks), is that going to significantly help LR and Helicon performance? I won't see the obvious gain in my other programs. But now I will be working off of an 8TB internal SATA III SSD on my image files (vs a 8 TB internal hard disk drive) and 64 vs 32 GB or RAM, as well as 3600 vs 3200 RAM.  Helicon likes memory and Cores, and I hear LR is getting that way too.  Does LR benefit from 64 vs 32 GB RAM?

Am I going to be seeing a big jump in LR performance in the development module? I already see a huge jump with the 10 Core, 20 thread powerful chip I just installed.

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