Meike MD-D18 died?

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Re: Meike MD-D18 died?

I forgot about saving the settings to a card...  simplifies things...

I JUST saw the topic about changing the bl-5 ends...  I don't have an OFFICIAL BL-5, but I took the screws out and removed the end cap from a BL-5, put it back on the battery and inserted it.  Without the end cap I have LOTS of flexibility for positioning the battery, so if it was going to work, I"d think that would do it...

Nope.  Still not showing battery data and still 7 fps.

Which leads me to a different question - will the D850 work with ONLY the battery in the battery grip?  If I pull the en-el15 out of the body, and put the grip on with the en-el18 I get the green LED lighting, and an empty battery in the top window.  And NOTHING works.

So, IS the camera even actually SEEING the battery in the grip?  It's a DSTE battery I charged, and I just checked the voltage at the contacts - it reads 12.25 V, which is unloaded voltage.  Also checked one of the Wasabi batteries and it read 12.1V.

So, the batteries have juice, the Meike grip is brand new, both batteries have been proven to work perfectly and provide 9 fps...

Should the camera work with no in-body battery?

I"m off to do a factory reset...  This whole thing is BIZARRE...

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