With nikon Z4, sony a7c, Pan S5 and Canon R5 -- where does new Pentax APSC stand?

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Re: With nikon Z4, sony a7c, Pan S5 and Canon R5 -- where does new Pentax APSC stand?

ogl wrote:

Jhaakas wrote:

All very competitive FF milcs being now in the market, where do we expect Pentax New Flagship to be in?

What price point will it come in.. and on what basis will it compete..

Nowhere. Pentax new FF camera could compete only with new FF cameras. Pentax APS-C is the niche products for old Pentax users only. Very narrow segment of market. Tiny.

One opinion, and maybe held by most, but I wonder.  We have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting -- and if you are right then pops out of the hat a narrow niche product.  That would indeed be sad.  But there is an alternative, and that is the release of a state of the art product.  Now as you well now, we don't all agree on what would be required to give it such a label.  I am willing to wait and see, and as I do take the time to fill in a few lines commenting here about the future.  As a bird buy with many Pentax and Sigma lenses I hope for an ultra sharp, great tracking beauty.  Most do not think it will come.  In my view, this is when it would be OK to say Pentax made a mistake, their new "nice" camera does some small things,  it is at best a niche product.  Then folks like myself will take our money elsewhere -- following so many other Pentax users who have  made the switch earlier.


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