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These comments may be accurate if you're talking about a system change from one manufacturer to another. But not if you go from DSLR to mirrorless within a particular manufacturer's lineup - at least not with regard to learning curve or lens choice.

For example, when I went from a Canon 70D to a Canon M6ii last year, the controls and menus were completely familiar and all my lenses worked with an inexpensive adapter, exactly the same on either camera.

I completely agree that chasing performance across systems is a fools game and invitation to waste a lot of money. But within a system? Probably not so foolish. Most of us upgrade infrequently. After all, how much do you really gain in one camera generation? But after 7-8 years, you start to see noticeable gains. For me, it was size, weight and the ability to use vintage Canon lenses that I already owned.

I completely agree.  I'm referring to a switch in brand being a challenge in many ways.  Switching from DSLR to mirrorless in the same brand is relatively easy.  There  is a learning curve, but a lot of similarity.

For Nikon and Canon DSLR users, most people should look first at the mirrorless cameras their existing company offers.  The lens adapters are excellent, the menus and terminology are similar, and not only lenses but many accessories are compatible.  You may choose to upgrade to mirrorless lenses, but you can take your time and have lots of options.  I'd also be patient.  If there is a single feature that is missing, the next generation camera will probably provide that feature.  For most people, today's camera from Canon, Nikon , or Sony will all handle most professional level needs.

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