Can I cope with a Hi-Res Camera

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Re: Fallacy

FingerPainter wrote:

Dosstramp wrote:


I then started reading about negative aspects such as :-

1, If you're not a very experienced photographer your shots will be more likely to be out of focus, blurry, poor etc due to the skills demanded by Hi Res cameras. Less forgiving than lower res cameras.

This is a common fallacy.

Having a higher resolution sensor does not make your images more out of focus or blurrier. The same amount of blurriness will be present in higher and lower-resolution images. However, the higher pixel count let;s you look closer when you pixel peep, and when yo look closer you will see more of the blur that is already there. When viewed at full size from the same viewing distance the higher resolution image will look less blurry.

Yes, another way to think of it is that the size of the blur (and thus its visibility) is the same on the sensor, and on any given size print, regardless of the number of pixels on the sensor. But more pixels will be used to record the blur, so you will have a more finely-rendered depiction of the blur!


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