Panasonic LX100ii/Leica DLUX 7 for serious travel/street photography?

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Re: Panasonic LX100ii/Leica DLUX 7 for serious travel/street photography?

123dy wrote:

Yes, I was taking pictures like that with my lx100 a couple of years back and now the controls have all taken on minds of their own!

I was walking around a surfing beach just a couple of days ago trying to keep the camera sheltered from the spray and the rain in between taking pictures. Meanwhile two people with large mirrorless (expensive) cams were happily snapping away. Maybe their cameras will die as well.

Yeah, that’s super frustrating. If you can’t rely on the tool, it’s not worth having.

I think your example is a clear case of when cameras like the LX100 II are valuable, though (when they work!) - in my case, photography was a bonus to a family excursion, so something small and unobtrusive was really handy. I couldn’t have had my Z6 or E-M5 II out with me since I needed at least one hand for my kids and the only camera I would take was one that could be thrown into a beach bag. The photographers in your example sound like they were there for photography. When that’s the priority, then absolutely, a bigger, more capable mirrorless/DSLR (especially one that’s weather sealed) is preferable.

Then again, I’m much more okay with my LX100 II dying than I am my Z6

Hopefully someone comes out with a large sensor, compact camera that combines the good bits of the LX100 II (fast lens, 1/200th flash sync [the G1X III can only sync flash that fast with the built in one, not external ones], creative controls) with the good stuff of the G1X III (weather sealing, articulating screen, good EVF).

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