best cameras for modeling photography

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Re: best cameras for modeling photography

pretzel33 wrote:


I’ve recently become interested in taking my own modeling pics. These would be from 4-7 ft away,

Too close for most types of modelling. Might be OK for some nudes, glamour shots and baby/toddler pictures. Try 8-12 feet. Professional fashion modelling is often done from even greater distances.

usually in sub-optimal/natural lighting. I’ve used a friend’s Canon Rebel T6 before, but it did so badly with the lighting (dark-ish room with a few spots of direct sunlight) that the camera from their iphone xr took better pictures. i’m not sure whether i should drop $600 on a phone like theirs, or whether spending it on a real camera would be a better investment, given the lighting restrictions (and a self-timer function would be necessary). I know next to nothing of photography and am trying to save money, so you guys have any recommendations or ideas, please let me hear them. Thank you

Spend the money on lighting.

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