Scored an X-E3 & 23mm 1.4 for $450... Keep the body?

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Re: Scored an X-E3 & 23mm 1.4 for $450... Keep the body?

DivineMadcat wrote:

Doug MacMillan wrote:

It sounds like the X-E3 is showing itself to be a good second body and you are leaning on keeping it. I think that would be a good choice.

I started with the X-E3 and added the X-E2s and X-H1. There are times that really call for the X-H1, but other times I take out one or both of the X-E bodies instead.

Thats the way i am seeing it. When i am out, say with the girlfriend, the E3 will be alot more friendly to carry around.. especially with the 23mm. When i am serious about certain shots though, the T3 will lead the way. Very nice having both options...

How do you like the XE3 EVF compared to the XT3's EVF, I have a X100V and am considering buying a XE3 for the lens options, I am concerned about the viewfinder being too small.

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