Panasonic LX100ii/Leica DLUX 7 for serious travel/street photography?

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Re: Panasonic LX100ii/Leica DLUX 7 for serious travel/street photography?

123dy wrote:

My 3-year-old lx100 is dying from environmental damage. Rain, snow, dust, hand sweat, sea spray, all have taken their toll.

Some days it's a struggle to even get it to turn on.

An lx100 complements my TZ200 well, but no way will I buy another one. The most logical replacement would probably be a small Olympus m43 with strong weather sealing and a versatile lens. I'm also interested in the new weather-sealed Panasonic s5, albeit this is somewhat overkill for casual travel pics.

Anyway, the point is that the lx100 is easily replicated by ILCs that might not be quite as small or quite as fast, but which do have the advantage that they can claim useful protection against environmental factors and don't need to be put away at the first hint of rain.

The LX100 has its issues and does need to be babied - my original died also - but I don’t think that ILC’s can quite replicate it.

Being able to sync flash at 1/2000th - which allows you to balance out bright sun with a tiny clip on flash - isn’t something that can be replicated with bigger cameras, which sync at 1/250th, at best.

The size is a big reason for the camera’s existence though, and can’t be discounted. The nearest weather sealed micro four thirds equivalent would be an E-M5 III or GX8 with the Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8. From personal experience (I have an E-M5 II and the 12-35), that combo is big enough that I need to consider it when packing/carrying, and the IQ difference isn’t particularly appreciable.

The LX100 II, on the other hand, is small enough that it can be chucked in all but the most overstuffed bags; I often pack it along with my bigger cameras as a backup because there’s no penalty in doing so. Pre-COVID, it was part of what I carried every weekend just in case I found a photo opp. Now, if you’re okay carrying a bigger kit everywhere (as I have at points in the past, especially when I wasn’t chasing little children), that may not matter to you.

The camera being easily usable one handed (if aperture is set to auto) isn’t really possible with an ILC (especially as they get bigger), too. A couple weeks ago at the beach, I decided for some reason to take some photos while in the surf with my son. Being able to zoom in and out as needed and use the camera one handed (my other hand was holding on to my son) wouldn’t have been possible with an ILC and lens-based zoom rings:

These advantages may not matter to you, but they are real and are part of why I still use the LX100 II a ton, even though I have more capable kit and I do find the camera frustrating at times.

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