Reader for Memory Stick PRO?

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Re: Reader for Memory Stick PRO?

Dak on cam wrote:

Gand-Alf wrote:

I want to thank all of your for your help with finding something to be able to read my Memory Stick PRO. I ended up cancelling the Sandisk order from Amazon. I was ready to give up when I searched eBay and found a used Sony MRW62E-T for $7.79, with tax and postage it totaled $11.91. It arrived in perfect condition, almost like it was new. This reader works to perfection and is just what I was looking for.


This is the Sony MRW62E-T that can read Memory Stick PRO.

Frankly, most external card readers should work (they just are a bit less convenient than what you can turn into a laptop-internal reader). This one probably does not do SDHC but you probably have something for that already in case you need it.

I find it actually curious that my Sony Vaio Expresscard reader will read a micro-SDHC card when inside of a micro-SD to MSDUO and MSDUO to MSPRO adapter (cannot imagine them containing a significant amount of circuitry), while it ignores it in a micro-SDHC to SDHC adapter.

At any rate, as a Sony adapter it should likely get reasonable data rates from MS sticks. Have fun!


Thanks for your post.  The only thing I don't understand is your first sentence.  You wrote, "Most external card readers should work."  From my experience most card readers do not read Memory Stick PRO.  That is why I had to buy this particular item.


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